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The Tile Man has been a registered business since 1983 and incorporated since 1987. Over the years we have performed professional services for thousands of commercial, private, new and existing homes.

Through the apprenticeship with Italian tile artists, The Tile Man has acquired the expertise necessary (including dry-pack, cementing and keeping up to date with all the new tile and material trends) to provide very high quality results in all tile installations.

Whether you’re looking to update that old 25 square foot linoleum floored bathroom or to tile that 10,000 square foot custom home, you can rest assured that The Tile Man, with its competent and qualified professionals, can deliver the quality workmanship and expert installation you expect in your home.

We also make sure to treat your home as we would wish ours to be treated applying plastic surfaces to minimize the dust factor and using drop cloths to keep floors clean.

Remember all you do is supply the tile!

Take a look at our sample portfolio and read our testimonials; you’ll agree that our quality product and reasonable pricing is exactly the combination you’re looking for! 

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Flavio (The Tile Man)


We also perform bathroom renovations from  rip-out to finishing. We take pride in our work and can build a shower or build a complete bathroom from scratch; again,  all you do is supply the tile. When remodeling your bathroom you would also have to supply plumbing, electrical fixtures (which a qualified plumber and electrician will install) and cabinetry.  Make sure that when you’re ready to remodel you get our quote!

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The Tile Man is insured!

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The Tile Man carries liability insurance and guarantees, in writing, all the work we perform on your home; so, you can rest assured you’re in good hands when you choose The Tile Man.

                                              All you do is supply the tile!

           The Tile Man